Embarrassing Testimony

If you knew a story was false and you were trying to pass a false narrative along to others why would you include embarrassing testimony about the main character?

Considered “out of his mind” by his own family who come to seize him to take him home
-Mk 3:21,31

Deserted by many of his followers
-Jn 6:66

Thought to be a deceiver
-Jn 7:12

Alienates Jewish believers to the point that they want to stone him
-Jn 8:30-59

Called a “madman”
-Jn 10:20

Called a “drunkard”
-Mt 11:19

Called “demon-possessed”
-Mk 3:22, Jn 7:20, 8:48

Feet wiped with hair of a prostitute
-Lk 7:36-39

Crucified despite the fact that “anyone who is hung on a tree is under God’s curse”
-Deut 21:23

Not believed by his own brothers
-Jn 7:5